Student Management Coordinator

Student Management Coordinator

Jornada Profissional:

Student Management Coordinator


Detalhes da Vaga

Key responsibilities:

Overseeing the work of the corridor supervisors to ensure that they are effectively performing their job.
Ensuring that supervisors are managing their corridors between periods in a timely and effective manner.
Providing supervisors with daily infraction reports for the previous day so that they know what the suggested disciplinary actions should be and can follow up on students and teachers accordingly.
Ensuring that teachers are abiding by the school code of conduct and the SABIS®Educational System.
Ensuring that the student line-up in the morning and after every recess takes place in a timely, efficient manner.
Mentoring, advising, and discussing with students who have serious disciplinary issues within the school with a view to maximizing learning and eliminating/minimizing bad behavior.
Ensuring students are in class in a timely manner before the start of the day and after every recess/break.
Motivating students to work hard during class time so as to be able to maximize learning.
Ensuring that all students under their supervision have left the school.
Entering data and ensuring accurate discipline remarks are entered into the students’ report cards on a term-by-term basis according to their term records.
Arranging for meetings with parents whose children have disciplinary issues so as to inform them of the situation and actions that may occur.
Ensuring that the information being entered into the SABIS®School Management System (SSMS) including but not limited to teacher and student attendance report, student infractions, etc. are done correctly and in a timely manner.
Following up with parents of students who have frequent absences and /or infractions in order to promote compliance with the school’s attendance and behaviour expectations and ensure that parents are kept up-to-date on potential issues.
Encouraging parents to access WebSchool regularly.
Observing classes through window in classroom door to ensure an environment conducive to learning.
Ensuring a safe environment within the school and making sure that neither bullying nor fighting is taking place by participating in Advising classes or holding individual student meetings.
Accompanying students to the bus area after school hours and making sure that all students get on their allocated bus.
Holding weekly meetings with his/her team to discuss any concerns or issues they may have regarding student behavior.
Coordinating with the SLC to follow up on Discipline Prefects and ensure that they are doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.
Advising students on a regularly basis on different topics including but not limited, to fighting, bullying, cheating, etc.
Performing such other related tasks or projects as they arise and/or as assigned by the SABIS®school management.

Ideal Requirements:

Bachelor degree or equivalent
English Proficient and local language is preferred
MS Office needed components
Communication Skills
Ability to work within a team
Supervisor position within the SABIS® School Network


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Estudo Mínimo Necessário: Superior Completo

Áreas de estudo:
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