Student Management Coordinator

Student Management Coordinator

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Student Management Coordinator

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Key Responsibilities:

- Overseeing the work of the corridor supervisors to ensure that they are effectively performing their job.
- Ensuring that supervisors are managing their corridors between periods in a timely and effective manner.
- Providing supervisors with daily infraction reports for the previous day so that they know what the suggested disciplinary actions should be and can follow up on students and teachers accordingly.
- Ensuring that teachers are abiding by the school code of conduct and the SABIS®Educational System.
- Ensuring that the student line-up in the morning and after every recess takes place in a timely, efficient manner.
- Mentoring, advising, and discussing with students who have serious disciplinary issues within the school with a view to maximizing learning and eliminating/minimizing bad behavior.
- Ensuring students are in class in a timely manner before the start of the day and after every recess/break.
- Motivating students to work hard during class time so as to be able to maximize learning.
- Ensuring that all students under their supervision have left the school.
- Entering data and ensuring accurate discipline remarks are entered into the students’ report cards on a term-by-term basis according to their term records.
- Arranging for meetings with parents whose children have disciplinary issues so as to inform them of the situation and actions that may occur.
- Ensuring that the information being entered into the SABIS®School Management System (SSMS) including but not limited to teacher and student attendance report, student infractions, etc. are done correctly and in a timely manner.
- Following up with parents of students who have frequent absences and /or infractions in order to promote compliance with the school’s attendance and behaviour expectations and ensure that parents are kept up-to-date on potential issues.
- Encouraging parents to access WebSchool regularly.
- Observing classes through window in classroom door to ensure an environment conducive to learning.
- Ensuring a safe environment within the school and making sure that neither bullying nor fighting is taking place by participating in Advising classes or holding individual student meetings.
- Accompanying students to the bus area after school hours and making sure that all students get on their allocated bus.
- Holding weekly meetings with his/her team to discuss any concerns or issues they may have regarding student behavior.
- Coordinating with the SLC to follow up on Discipline Prefects and ensure that they are doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.
- Advising students on a regularly basis on different topics including but not limited, to fighting, bullying, cheating, etc.
- Performing such other related tasks or projects as they arise and/or as assigned by the SABIS®school management.

Ideal Requirements:

- Bachelor degree or equivalent
- English Proficient and local language is preferred
- MS Office needed components
- Communication Skills
- Ability to work within a team
- Supervisor position within the SABIS® School Network



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