Exam Officer

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Key responsibilities:

Running all AMS/HE exams, periodic, and final exams accurately.
Conducting external exams (SAT, GCE, IGCSE, and AP according to the board regulations and guidelines).
Checking the capacity of the exam hall with the class lists and exam timetable.
Preparing seating plans for grades 3-12, label and color-code all the desks (student’s name, computer no., class and section).
Displaying notes, rules, and instructions inside and outside the exam hall.
Informing students and supervisors of the rules and regulations of the exam hall.
Helping and monitoring students to make sure that they are logged into the SSMS and have the right exams.
Maintaining a quiet and silent atmosphere during examinations.
Following exams schedules accurately and checking daily with the IT assistant if the required exams are uploaded according to the weekly chart.
Preparing the exams in advance whether written papers, on the system, or both before students' arrival.
Storing printed exams in a safe locked place.
Knowing the number of copies required for each class and subject.
Checking for any complications with layout, formatting, pagination, sections, different versions, exam number, misprinting, diagrams, etc. in the original copies before handing them over to the photocopying team.
Recording absence students for each session and sending a report to the head supervisor.
Announcing the exam duration and structure at the beginning of each session.
Informing the head supervisor or Director of any offense (skipping exams, absconding, arguing, cheating, lateness, and refusal).
Recording the time when the first student finishes, the time when about half the students finish, and the time when the majority finish for each exam held in the exam hall and informing the School Director immediately if the exam is too long or too short and if the students need more time to complete the exam.
Dealing wisely with any problem that occurs during the course of the examination.
Collecting the written papers from students at the end of the exam, counting the papers accurately to ensure it matches the number of present students, and then hand them over to the head of department.
Printing the list of students to retake the exam according to the makeup schedule.

Ideal requirements:

Bachelor Degree or equivalent
English proficiency and communication skills
Excellent planning and organization skills
Strong disciplinary, supervision and management skills
Strong belief in confidentiality
Ability to focus on the mission and to implement a team approach
Good knowledge of MS office applications
Ability to meet deadlines

nível hierárquico: Funcionário


Estudo Mínimo Necessário: Superior Completo

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