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Community Associate

Community Associate



Community Associate


Detalhes da Vaga

About the Opportunity
As a Community Associate, you'll be the primary point of contact for the Community and act as the “face” of WeWork! You will report to your building each day to support the Community Management team to achieve the following:
!Build a welcoming and collaborative community environment amongst our members through events and building relationships between members!

!Ensure that your building is fully operational and processes are running efficiently.

!Drive growth and promotion of WeWork-provided service offerings.

!Take direction from the Community Lead and the Community Manager to support the
Community Team as necessary.

!All of this while illustrating WeWork’s core values and working towards achieving our
In this role, you’ll:Front Desk Management:

?Cover the front desk during the building’s set business hours and be an on-site point of contact, easily located on the member floor or at Community Bar.

?Greet members and guests with a warm and welcoming demeanor.

!Ensure all visiting guests are in accordance with WeWork's guest policy by ensuring all
guests properly sign-in via Welkio iPad.
?Learn the names of members and guests with the goal of building relationships in order
to facilitate the sense of Community WeWork is known for.
!Anticipate member and guest needs before they arise using relevant information
collected about members to enhance and personalize their experience.

!Ensure building Specific forms are up to date including pet forms, filming requests, bike

Updated: May 12, 2020
room requests, etc.
!Keep the front desk clean and organized.

!Notify members of any food deliveries and couriers.

!Answer any questions from members and guests related to the building including way-
finding, policies and procedures, community etiquette, etc.
Events and Membership Engagement:

!Provide feedback on programming types (based on member makeup) and evaluate events based on attendance, satisfaction, and impact on the appropriate event team.

!Consistently celebrate members’ successes and milestones through gifts and notes.

?Distribute all necessary info to promote the event including Creation and posting of
weekly events poster and individual event posters.
!Ensure building-specific operational requirements are met for each event (elevators,
HVAC, etc).

!Input notes into Spacestation or equivalent system about Members.

!Identify and execute opportunities to connect members with each other.

!Know and recommend local restaurants, food delivery services, catering options, team
outing venues, post office, shipping center, supply store, etc.

!Be active on the WeWork member network to engage members.

!Know and explain WeWork policies and procedures and communicate, inform, and
update members on building issues.

!Ensure music levels and activations are appropriate to the daypart and occasion.

!Write and send broadcasts relating to building updates.
Building Operations and Management:

!Receive, process, sort, and organize all mail.

!Locate and issue post via the regional system to members upon request.

!Keep the mailroom organized and clean.

!Return to Sender' for unidentified mail and former member mail after 30 days of no-pick

!Ensure courier parcels have all the correct details for scheduled pick-ups.

!Investigate, escalate, and resolve 'lost' packages.

!Know and explain WeWork policies and procedures around mail and mailroom.

!Track, audit, and organize keys collected and distributed.

!Manage keycard stock and request new inventory as needed.

!Collect keys and key cards upon move-out.

!Review location and how to use each piece of Emergency Equipment.

!Provide support for an automated coffee machine for guests and members.
Life at WeWork

Just as we empower our community, we believe in empowering our team to create their own life's work. We move fast and challenge each other, but we always make sure we look out for one another. Our culture and values are what make working here rewarding.
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Learn more about diversity at WeWorkhere.

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